Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ferrari 340 Mexico Spyder

The 1952 Mexico Spyder is a pretty rare beast, so you can imagine the surprise amongst the crowds at the latest Cars & Coffee meet at Irvine, California when this one rasped into the car park.
Designed for the gruelling Carrera Panamericana, just three of these were built, their 280bhp 4.1-litre V12s powering lithe 900kg frames: pure-bred machines, single-minded of purpose and beautiful as much for their function as their form.
The most stirring part, of course, is that this Mexico is no trailer queen. Priceless as it may be, it was built to be driven hard, and it's still being driven hard today. Enzo would be proud.

Pics via the excellent cncpics.com

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