Monday, 24 October 2011

Citroën C6 Pallas

The Citroën C6 is a beautiful, clever thing, but it's destined to go the way of all big French cars (besides the iconic DS, naturally) and be half-remembered as an expensive curio. French luxo-barges never sell well. When was the last time you saw a Renault Safrane or Peugeot 605 on the road...?

The C6 Pallas that you see here is extra-special; an in-house one-off built for the 2008 British Motor Show, it features sumptuous two-tone brown leather, LCD touchscreens, iPhone dock with integrated broadband and fingerprint recognition (it was 2008, remember - this was truly an impressive feature then), and walnut panelling with historic Citroën imagery airbrushed slightly tackily onto the doorcards.
This is the kind of car that will undoubtedly reappear in thirty or forty years' time and people will say 'oh yeah - I think I remember seeing that at the Motor Show, maybe...'

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