Monday, 31 October 2011

Bedford CF: Retro Power

Custom vans were all the go in the 1970s, with their water beds, porthole windows and chrome sidepipes, and the Bedford CF was a stalwart of the scene.
Emulating the style of the seventies is this unique CF, built by Retro Power. It's powered by a tuned 4.6 EFI Rover V8, accessible via a custom removable front end, while the exterior is comprehensively smoothed and coated in a sumptuously retro shade of purple. The interior is awash with alcantara and neon lights, and sitting under the arches are some dishy BMW alloys.
Click here for the full story - you'll be impressed by Retro Power's attention to detail!

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Straightspeed said...

Just great, bringing back some memories.