Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Volvo Concept You

So, is the Concept You going to be Volvo's Vel Satis or a genuine rival for the Mercedes CLS? Hopefully the latter, as the four-door coupé market does lack a little panache which would be offered in spades by this swoopy little number.
The suicide doors - they probably won't officially call them that - offer a pillarless entry to an über-premium cockpit swathed in high-quality woods and leathers, while onboard data and entertainment systems are at the very cutting edge of what's possible in a car without actually ram-raiding Currys. (The subwoofer, for example, is powered by air. Somehow.) Performance-wise, it won't be a racer - it's designed for wafting execs rather than the traffic light Grand Prix - but the involvement of tuning lunatics Polestar could lead to an AMG-rivalling muscle variant. On the whole, then, all's looking good for the Concept You. And it's a pretty thing too, don't you think?

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