Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Vengeance Camaro

Everything about this Camaro is as mean as hell - the satin black paint with the subtle gloss stripes and carbon-fibre accents, the thunderous powerplant, the focused interior, the cartoonishly wide rear tyres... if they remade Mad Max, he'd be driving this.
The Vengeance Camaro sits on an Art Morrison frame with Corvette suspension, with power rumbling forth from a 427ci LS7 V8. It's a bitsa of parts; the steering, for example, features a Mazda RX-7 column mated to Mustang II rack, while the hydraulics come from a late-model Chevy truck. Huge Wilwood brakes sit behind satin split-rims - and those massive rears...? They're 19"x14", with 345-section tyres.
Click here for further info, including the impressive spec list.

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