Friday, 16 September 2011

TVR Sagaris

Four things I love about the TVR Sagaris:
- the bonkers sideways exhaust pipes
- the perspex rear spoiler
- the slashes in the front wings
- the helmet bulge in the roof

...and also the fact that it weighs roughly 1000kg, is powered by a 380bhp 4.0-litre straight-six, will accelerate to 60mph in 2.9s and has a top speed of 185mph. It's just an awesome little car in every way, and is very near the top of my lottery wishlist. (Although there are only about 160 of them in the UK at the moment...)
Built between 2005-6, the Sagaris was originally developed to be a T350-based endurance racer; the prototypes featured all manner of gills and slashes, and it's testament to TVR's why-the-hell-not attitude that many of these exist on the finished road car. Those slashes on the front wings? They were originally open gashes to vent air from the wheel-wells, preventing pressure build-up. But they stayed, in closed-up form, because they looked cool.
In line with TVR's corporate bullishness, the car eschewed EU safety guidelines that suggested the fitment of ABS and airbags, while traction control was considered to be too nancy boy-ish for such a brutal car.

The Sagaris is a uniquely uncompromising car; looking at it is akin to being jabbed in the eye with a lemon-soaked paper dart, while driving it is an endeavour solely for those with the confidence to handle the vast reserves of power. If you dick about with this car, it will slap you to death.
I absolutely love it. I imagine you do too.

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