Monday, 19 September 2011

St. Mary's Trophy - Goodwood Revival 2011

Classic touring car aficionados are always banging on about the David vs. Goliath nature of the racing of yore, and this was once again proved to be the case by the Revival's St. Mary's Trophy. While Richard Shaw's BMW 1800 tore off to an insurmountable lead, the crowd were transfixed by the battle for second place, fought by a mighty 7.0-litre Ford Galaxie 500 and a plucky Swiftune Mini; the former had an obscene amount of rumbling power down the straights, but the latter barely seemed to brake at all, hanging some obscene angles through the corners as it reeled in the big Yank. Largely unaware of the fireworks behind him, Shaw drove out of his skin, doorhandling the nimble 1800 to a comprehensive victory almost thirteen seconds ahead of the second-placed Galaxie. Intoxicating stuff.

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