Friday, 30 September 2011

Mazda 323 BF V6

The fifth-generation Mazda 323 (aka Familia & BF), produced in the late eighties, seems to have thus far been largely absent from the modifying radar. However, given the growing fondness for three-box retro JDM metal these days, it's inevitable that we'll increasingly see them emerging on the scene.
This example has had a 2.5 V6 transplant, to exponentially increase power over its humble family car wheeze; this extra muscle is hidden rather well by a largely stock exterior, although that in-your-face exhaust is hard to miss. A subtle drop over some well-chosen rims offers just the right amount of purpose, while spoiler geeks will spot a lip from, somewhat incongruously, a Camaro Z/28. Nicely done.
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Shanna Shepherd said...

That's cool best 323 sedan I've seen. Good work

Thibault Chavanon said...
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Thibault Chavanon said...

Hello, very Nice car but what are the whell and the bumper ?

Aleksandr Hrinenko said...

from whom the auto spoiler is