Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Maserati Kubang

It may seem like sacrilege for Maserati to develop an SUV, but hey - Porsche did it and were largely forgiven, and it'd be foolish to ignore a sector of the market that's clearly booming. So this is what we find at the Frankfurt Motor Show: the Maserati Kubang. It centres around the same basic architecture as the Jeep Grand Cherokee - don't let this put you off; to reference the Cayenne again, that car has a lot of VW Touareg in it - and will be powered by the blistering, Ferrari-derived 4.7-litre V8. (Quite what Enzo Ferrari would have made of his DNA oozing into a Chelsea tractor is anyone's guess. Best not to dwell on it.) For the frugal school-run fashionistas, there'll be a 3.0-litre diesel available too, although buying a Maserati that doesn't have a proper Maserati soundtrack would be an exercise in futility.
So... mixed feelings on the Kubang here at SuckSqueezeBangBlow. It's a very sensible thing for Maserati to do, it'll certainly sell well, but the inevitability of the majority of sales being at the oil-burner end of the range is very depressing indeed.

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