Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Jaguar C-X16

Given that 2011 is the fiftieth anniversary of the E-Type, it was kind of inevitable that Jaguar would roll out a modern version. And here, due to wow the crowds at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is the C-X16 - a 21st-century E-Type in all but name.
Like its forefather, it's small, lightweight, has only two seats and is ready to give its rivals a kicking. The all-aluminium structure is a scaled-down version of that which you'd find in the XK, while the engine is similarly scaled down; take the XK/F/J's 5.0-litre V8, lop off a couple of cylinders and you end up with the C-X16's supercharged 3.0 V6.
Excitingly, the muscular 375bhp on offer is just the beginning. Using F1-inspired KERS technology, a regenerative braking module and a go-faster button on the steering wheel provide an extra 94bhp, which is awesome beyond words. 0-60mph will take just 4.4s, going onto a top whack of 186mph.

So it's not just beautiful and rapid, but clever too. But what's most impressive is how Ian Callum's team have managed to create a roadster that truly pays homage to the original E-Type (right down to the sideways-opening tailgate) without being twee, while also incorporating Jaguar's current design language. It slots perfectly into the range, and it makes the likes of the Boxster and the 370Z look a little basic and agricultural. (Jaguar haven't actually confirmed that the C-X16 will go into production, but come on... they'd be mad not to build this. It's too perfect.)

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been a fan of Jaguar yet. Didn't like the looks. But that thing is one hot car!