Monday, 19 September 2011

Ford's centenary - Goodwood Revival 2011

2011 marks Ford of Britain's centenary, and celebrations took place throughout the weekend at the Goodwood Revival, with a variety of examples of the marque in attendance. A parade of British Fords took to the track as a daily feature, while competition variants did so in a rather racier way. Here, in no particular order, are a few highlights...

We've looked at the Ford Comuta concept before - click here. It was an electric city-car project; check out the super-basic, Mini-inspired interior.

The GT70 was to be Ford's answer to the Lancia Stratos, powered by a mid-mounted Capri V6, but funding for the project just wasn't available. Only six were built.

A personal favourite - a mkI Escort Twin Cam in Alan Mann livery. Sounds as good as it goes as good as it looks.

This Ginetta-converted Zodiac was generating a lot of interest, not least from admirers who weren't aware that Ginetta ever did this kind of thing.

Even the transporter carrying these Anglias was a period-correct Ford vehicle - now that's attention to detail!

The Transit - 'Backbone of Britain' - was well represented, along with a variety of older commercials.

A couple of track-ready Fords...

...and some random spots; subtlely modified Anglia and Cortina, and a very clean support van.

And on the subject of random spots, this was in the car park - have you ever seen a Lotus Cortina with white-lettered tyres? Unorthodox treatment, but I think it works.

So, something for everyone there. Happy hundred, Ford!

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