Monday, 26 September 2011

Citroën Tubik

The Citroën H van is the backbone of France, the Gallic Transit; its corrugated panels unashamedly wear its rural purpose with pride, a never-ending fleet of the bluff-nosed workhorses providing bread and meat across France for generations.

The Tubik takes the H van and catapults it into the future. Gone are the tin-roof sides, replaced by an overall aura of menace and intimidation through uncompromising slab-sided design. But lift open the vast one-piece side door and it gets altogether fluffier, offering a purple velour paradise last seen in seventies custom culture.
It's a concept, of course, which is why it looks kind of like GM's Futurliner of the early fifties. So, then, will we see a restored Tubik popping up in 2068? Hopefully. Because it looks terrifyingly brilliant - it'd be a shame for someting this odd not to come to anything. (And let's face it, it won't be making production...)

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