Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bay window with a t-top twist

The VW scene, much like the Ford scene, is often criticised for being staid and unimaginative, yet it still has the capacity to surprise us. This gorgeous bay window camper has had an incredible amount of work poured into it, and no little imagination and ingenuity. Look at the rear end, for example; T2 campers were never offered from the factory with barn doors - what we see here is a pair of side doors from a splittie fitted to the tail. Did you spot the frenched-in fuel filler too...?
The front end shows serious dedication to garage time: the t-top is an unprecedented and unique modification, while fitting safari windows to a bay window T2 involves a lot more fabrication and swearing than simply lifting out the old screen and replacing it.
What else? Well, there's the suicide front doors, a custom interior with semi-circular seating, juicy power with a flame-spitting exhaust, Porsche wheels and pan-scraping lows...and, of course, that wonderful hibiscus stencilling. Is this the UK's finest T2?

Via Perambulate No More; build thread here.

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