Tuesday, 6 September 2011

'76 Chevrolet Dekon Monza

Sometimes the coolest race cars come from the unlikeliest sources. You expect things like Corvettes and Mustangs to have their testosterone levels amped up yet further for the purposes of competition, but when something unassuming comes out of left-field, the element of surprise can be genuinely jaw-dropping.
Take this Monza, for example. As a road car it was a sort of soft-edged American Opel Manta, marketed under the slogan 'there's more to driving than speed'. The Dekon Monza, built for the IMSA GT series, pays little heed to this uninspiring mission statement, with its 600bhp 362ci V8 and no-nonsense construction.
It has varied and comprehensive race provenance and, brilliantly, it could be yours. Click here and follow your heart. Go on, you only live once...

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