Saturday, 27 August 2011

Smokey Yunick's NASCAR Chevelle

It's unfortunate that arguably one of the best-looking race cars of all time never got a chance to race, yet thanks to Smokey Yunick's famously, er, creative interpretations of the rule-book, that's precisely what befell this NASCAR classic. In a time when General Motors had withdrawn all official support for motorsport concerns and most teams had switched to Ford or Mopar metal, Yunick stuck with GM, building this '66-nosed '67 Chevelle.
Weighing a comparatively light (well, by Detroit standards at least) 1770kg and powered by a 416ci V8 producing 450bhp, it walked the walk to back up the promises made by that gorgeous colour scheme. Smokey's attention to detail was typically fastidious with this car; a vortex-generating lip was added to the roof, the glass was all fitted flush to the body, the front bumper was extended to create an airdam and the rear bumper was feathered into the body, all to aid aerodynamics. But it was some of his under-skin modifications that really irked the NASCAR board; for example, his reckoning that the permission to use any manufacturer's frame beneath the body could include Yunick building his own frame that shifted everything further to the left, in order to balance the car better on Daytona's banking. They didn't like that kind of behaviour.
The car outlawed, it was sold in 1968 to a racer in Georgia; however, after two decades of neglect, Smokey rescued and restored it in '88. And now, this beautiful product of the 'Best Damn Garage in Town' is up for sale once more... and it could be yours. Just click here.
Seriously, sell your house and live in the Chevelle. You need this in your life.

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