Wednesday, 3 August 2011

mkIV Golf + X5 rims

The classic wheels/stance formula has been applied to the VW Golf in any cross-pollinated iteration you can think of. The mkI and mkII often end up with polished Porsche 944 wheels, mkIIIs are frequently spotted with mkV GTI alloys or those from a 911, and here we have a mkIV on 19" BMW X5 wheels. ('Posh Venoms', if you like.)
There are also some interesting and unique details to the interior, while the fact that he's used a five-door as a project base is very cool indeed.
It's not all-show-and-no-go either; originally a 2.0 GTI, it's been treated to a 1.8T conversion.

Not a fan of the X5 rims? How about some split-rim Image wheels instead...? Click here.


magi said...

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Anonymous said...

love the ride totaly cool