Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Borgward Hansa 1500 Coupé

The Borgward Hansa 1500 was a solid-looking saloon built in Bremen between 1949-54, sort of resembling a '49 Ford but with a 1498cc four-banger under the bonnet. It featured some pretty radical ideas that garnered favourable press comment, such as a boot that could be accessed from outside the car and bench seats that meant you could pretty comfortably fit six people in there.
But the truly arresting iteration is what we see below, the RS Coupé. The story goes that Carl Borgward's wife wanted a shiny new Porsche 356 to cruise around in, but he wasn't altogether happy about her driving a competitor's car, so he commissioned a reworking of the Hansa 1500 into something rather more swoopy and alluring.

And here we have a 1500 Le Mans Coupé; note the altered rear profile. (Presumably the wiper on the roof is actually meant to be on the windscreen and has just been twisted out of the driver's field of vision, although I like to think it's just there for fun. Y'know, as a novelty.)

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