Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Alfaholics GTA

For the last decade or so, Alfaholics, run by the Banks family, has been the place to go for 105-series Alfa Romeo spares and advice. But their expertise stretches far further... if you fancy a Giulia Coupé GTA but don't want to scrape your knuckles on all that rusty metal, Alfaholics will happily build you a fresh one.
The example you see in these pictures has been a figurehead for the company's talents for a little while now, and this feature from Dep-O Magazine lets you get right under its skin. The svelte body wears a GRP bonnet & boot and Perspex windows, just like a proper GTA, while power comes from an Alfa 75 twin-cam - slightly anachronistic, but entirely the right sort of engine to use. And 198bhp in something so beautifully diminutive isn't to be sniffed at, particularly with the safety-net of modern brakes and suspension.
The cost of all this? Around £60k to you, sir. Get onto Alfaholics here.

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