Tuesday, 9 August 2011

AE86 Corolla - new old stock

An unusual find here, courtesy of Speedhunters. The Belgian owner of this hachi-roku apparently drove it home from the dealership, parked it in his basement and just left it there for twenty-five years, occasionally hand-cranking the engine and blowing the dust off, but pretty much just leaving it to sit there and appreciate. You can see from the photos that it has just 48km on the clock, and still even has its protective polythene seat covers.
This kind of find inspires disparate feelings; firstly, that it's a massive shame that such a driver-focused car has sat there for so long not being driven, but secondly that it's brilliant news to find such a mint, bone-stock example of an iconic and increasingly rare machine. What do you reckon?

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Unknown said...

This is a gem. It will definitely cost many times more should the owner decides to sell it. For sure there will be no shortage of buyers.