Thursday, 14 July 2011

Who is Ahmed Bayjoo?

There was a time in the nineties/noughties when every single RS Turbo you saw advertised was said to have an Ahmed Bayjoo chip. A lot of them did. A lot of them were being sold by folk who clearly didn't know what an Ammad Bhajoo or whatever was, but nonetheless wanted their car to sound the bizzo, regardless of truth or spelling.

So who is Ahmed Bayjoo?
He's a dude who started at Ford as an apprentice, showed great promise and technical understanding and was made Technical Supervisor at a Ford dealership in the late eighties. In the era of growing prevalence of electronic engine management systems, Ahmed took to tinkering with ECUs in his spare time, to see what they were really all about and determine what untapped potential lay therein.

His talents were soon spotted by Ford's Head of Motorsport, Peter Ashcroft, who appointed him Consultant Engines and Electronics Engineer. Ashcroft's agenda here was to harness Bayjoo's skills and apply them to the WRC development program, the learnings of which would feed into mainstream models.

Of course, we know him best for his bespoke mapping in the aftermarket - something he was allowed free reign on in addition to his day job at Ford. It makes sense for the consumer - who better to map your ECU than a corporate-trained motorsport expert? His multi-faceted understanding of the knock-on effects of tuning and unwillingness to chase horsepower at the expense of torque earned him kudos as a specialist among specialists, and applying his work to a modified Ford makes perfect sense; it's the closest a boy racer can get to having his Escort tuned by the works rally team.

So that's why a lot of RS Turbos have Ahmed Bayjoo chips.

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