Thursday, 7 July 2011

Touring Cars - Goodwood FoS 2011

This year's Festival of Speed featured a broad selection of Touring Cars, with particular focus on the Super Touring era, as well as a variety of contemporary racers. Here are a few highlights...

John Cleland's Cavalier is one of the most iconic early nineties BTCC racers, not least for its dramatic two-wheeled exit from the 1992 season finale. Vauxhall embraced the new Super Touring 2.0-litre cap with this car in 1990, ahead of its mandatory enforcement in '91, so they were very competitive with this car in the following seasons.
And just look at the girth of that air intake!

Paul Radisich's 1993 Ford Mondeo featured a V6 engine to act as a halo for the road-going, range-topping 2.5 V6 model, although of course it had to be dialled down to 2.0-litres for the BTCC. Originally developed by Andy Rouse as a rear-wheel drive racer, they found the format sapped power so reverted to the showroom FWD layout.

A couple of E30 M3s here. The first is Tim Harvey's 1991 BTCC car; he came 8th overall in the championship, but team-mate Will Hoy won the BTCC in its sister car, becoming the first champion of the Super Touring era...

...and the second is a DTM racer; the German series didn't share the BTCC's 2.0-litre cap, so this Warsteiner-liveried M3 has a displacement of 2.3-litres. And it has a very cool rear wing!

Tom Chilton was demonstrating the noisy prowess of his current BTCC Focus throughout the weekend. You don't get a true impression of quite how loud the 2011 Team Aon Focus's engine is on TV, but trust me - it rumbles menacingly at idle, and crackles and pops obscenely at high revs. Marvellous.

And here's another champion of the nineties BTCC, this time from 1999. Anthony Reid's Nissan Primera has consistently been one of the fastest cars up Goodwood's hill for the last few years and, despite an accident on Saturday (you can see it in bits below, being frantically rebuilt by the team), it was on fine form for most of the weekend.

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