Thursday, 21 July 2011

GMC Motorhome

The GMC Motorhome was designed to be a halo model for General Motors in the mid-seventies. Built by GM's Truck & Coach Division from 1973-8, it was the only complete motorhome to be built by a major manufacturer; its hook was that it wasn't just a camper van, but was created to offer relaxing travel with all the comforts of home. Rather than supplying an engineless frame to a coachbuilder, GM built the whole thing in-house, offering a plethora of custom interior options - check out the oh-so-seventies green lunacy below.

Drive came, somewhat controversially, from the Oldsmobile Toronado-sourced front-wheel drive transaxle and 455ci (7.5-litre) V8, but of course this didn't equate to any sort of unexpectedly hair-raising performance, principally because the Motorhome was 26 feet long and weighed well over five tons. However, the streamlined, fully-integrated body gave it a drag coefficient of 0.31 (the same as a Lamborghini Diablo or Porsche 997) so it was comparatively frugal; 11mpg isn't that impressive a figure in isolation, but pretty good if you're driving around in your house.
So if you've always fancied a VW camper but you've got too many kids (or you want to bring your telly, your double bed and all your bikes on holiday with you), then perhaps the GMC Motorhome is the way to go...

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