Monday, 18 July 2011

BMW E9: Stanceworks' phoenix

As you may well be aware, the polarising Rusty Slammington, Mike Burroughs' Stanceworks figurehead, perished in a garage fire a little while ago. (Click here for further info on that.)
BMW enthusiasts who were troubled by Burroughs' unorthodox treatment of his E28 will be pleased to see that the latest project, an E9, is rather more traditional in style. Well, as traditional as a Stanceworks car can be, at least; the 1971 2800CS features the trademark panscraping ride-height and polished split-rim BBS RS alloys - an aggressive yet subtle treatment for a beautifully classic profile. It'll undoubtedly be squarely in the crosshairs of the Stanceworks detractors but, for fans of Burroughs' work, it's a welcome return in the face of adversity. And a very pretty one too.

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