Monday, 25 July 2011

BMW 2002 Tii - 4Star Classics

It's interesting to compare the prices of 1970s Escorts with their peers. I'm a massive Escort fan, so I won't dwell too much on the fact that the 2002 in these photos has a far superior rear suspension set-up and Kugelfischer fuel injection, but will say merely this: if you found a Mexico or RS2000 in this condition, do you really think it'd be on sale for £13,995?

This '72 Tii, available from 4Star Classics, is a hell of a lot of BMW for the money; in fact, it looks brand new. The question is, would you keep it as the pristine, everyday-useable classic that it is, or use it as a strong and solid base for a race/rally car? I can't help thinking that a couple of inches out of the ride height would be a strong start...

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