Monday, 9 May 2011

SLS Roadster

If a car finds itself principally referred to by a key attribute, is it a good idea to remove it? Who can say? But we will shortly find that Mercedes' fresh gullwing, the AMG SLS, is to be available in convertible form. You can see from the disguised model in these pics (disguised, that is, as in 'slapping on a couple of stickers, but basically making it damned obvious to all what's going on') that it all flows rather nicely, and that they haven't tried to knock up a set of floppy gullwing doors out of canvas. It'll undoubtedly sell well - particularly in the UK, where we buy more cabrios per capita than anywhere else in the world, for some reason - but it is a bit of a shame. I mean, every time you see an old 300SL convertible, isn't there always a little niggle in the back of your mind that says 'yes, it's beautiful... but where are the gullwings?'.

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