Tuesday, 10 May 2011

'77 Loadstar lowrider

An unusual choice for a lowrider, but you can't deny it has presence...

International Harvester's Loadstar was built from 1962-79, with the majority being school buses and fire engines. However, quite a few commercial vehicles were also built on the platform, and it's one such truck you see here.
This '77 model's days of back-breaking labour are behind it now, having been reborn as a uniquely badass show machine. The standard truck wheels, 22.5" and 24.5" in diameter, have been milled down to 22" & 24" in order to run low-pro car tyres. The stance is acheived by a gargantuan air-ride system, while the body wears classic custom touches such as the suicide doors with shaved handles. Power comes from a 7.3-litre Ford diesel with a vast turbo strapped on, bellowing through a 5" exhaust stack. So, not subtle then.

You can learn more about this truck here.


DaveT said...

Wow! So cool to see that this came by you man been reading this blog for awhile now, can't remember where I found the link but I am a big fan I have several of your posts starred in my reader

magi said...

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