Monday, 4 April 2011

Toyota FT-86... again

I remember being really excited about the Toyota FT-86. When it was originally mooted a decade ago (OK, maybe not that long, but it feels like it), there was much excited chatter about how its lightweight RWD chassis was conceived to get young drivers proficient in the art of oversteer. The swoopy lines of the concept tantalised us. The flat-four in the nose, shared with a Subaru sister car, would offer superb tuning potential. Everything seemed rosy.

But it's taking forever. There was the original concept, then the cartoonish mkII concept, then a production-ready 'concept'... come on Toyota, pull your finger out and give us the damn thing!

You know why it's taking so long? Because they can't stop gawping at it. They're so mesmerised by the car they've designed, they just can't stop taking pictures of it. Click here to see the latest gallery.

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