Friday, 15 April 2011

Renault 4 Gordini

More than eight million Renault 4s were built over the course of its production run. So why aren't they ubiquitous on today's roads? Well, their cheap, utilitarian nature and rugged basicness meant that they were bought to be used rather than pampered and cherished. Renault's first front-wheel drive car, it was produced from 1961-1992 and had already sold a million by 1966. Where are they all now? Scrapped, crushed or rusting away in forgotten corners of fields across France (indeed, across the globe).

But here we have a beautifully rescued example. It's a 1967 model that's been restored in a deliberately unoriginal manner, taking styling cues and upgrades from other models and trends of the 1960s. Rather than keep the 845cc engine and four-speed gearbox, the spicier 1397cc OHV and five-speed 'box from a later Renault 5 Gordini were installed, to bestow the classic lines with surprising oomph.

You can read all about the restoration (as well as pretty much anything else you could ever wish to know about Renault 4s) here. And if you weren't a fan before, this stunning example way well change your mind...

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