Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Porsche 911 Turbo S 'Edition 918 Spyder'

Well, there's a confusing name if ever there was one. What you're seeing here is a special edition 911 Turbo S, named in honour of the 918 Spyder. And your Spyder-edition 911 can be ordered as a tin-top rather than a cabrio, just to confuse people.

Basically, this is a 911 Turbo S that will only be offered for sale to customers who are also buying a 918 Spyder; it features acid green and carbon-fibre touches to echo the detail of its bigger brother, although the engine and running gear are all stock Turbo S stuff. It's a playboy's plaything, created to make special customers feel more special and ensure a healthy market for used limited-run editions in the future, just like the 911 Speedster. And why not, eh?

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