Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Outrageous Fords at Wheels Day

Wheels Day is a fantastically diverse show, and the blazing sunshine brought unprecedented levels of entrants for 2011.
Being a Ford man, I naturally made a beeline for the plethora of bubble-arched mkI Escorts and HPE-engined, forest-arched mkIIs. However, the three most extreme blue ovals on show this year (and detractors of the retro Ford scene take note) weren't Escorts; instead, we find an Anglia, a Corsair and a Capri tearing up the rule book and muscling into everybody's field of vision.

First up, we have rather a well-known Anglia that you may recognise. Semi-spaceframed and Cosworth YB Turbo-powered, it wears its fresh paintwork well, eschewing its former rat-look(ish) bodywork. A phenomenal piece of kit.

This Corsair was a riot of detail; the bespoke interior, the gleaming V8, the super-smooth engine bay - the number of hours of work that have gone into this just boggles the mind.

...and this Capri is a fabulous fusion of 21st-century technology and 1970s style. Like the Corsair, every inch of it represents a huge amount of careful planning and skilful execution. And those colours cannot be ignored.

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