Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Nismo Leaf RC

Well, this ought to confuse people. The world's first production electric car that's designed to be sensible (rather than sporty, like a Tesla), and it's gone all racey. The bespoke Nismo bodywork is all carbon-fibre, as is the new monocoque supporting the mid-mounted engine and fancy double-wishbone suspension. It's far lower, wider and longer than standard, and rolls on forged 18" wheels.

Don't get too excited, though. All of this carbon-fibre chicanery may have dropped the weight to an impressive sub-950kg, but it's still powered by the road car's electric motor. So you'll get 0-62mph in seven seconds and a top speed of - wait for it - 93mph. And at that velocity, your range is a slightly disappointing twenty minutes. Still, it looks pretty cool, doesn't it? Kind of like a Scirocco that's been sat on.

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