Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mini - Inspired by Goodwood

The idea of a luxury Mini is nothing new. As far back as 1963, well-heeled urban dwellers who wanted Rolls-Royce quality in a city-friendly package could order a Radford de Ville, complete with leather seats, shag-pile carpets, Speedwell engines and - most exciting of all - a tailgate conversion.

The spirit of the de Ville lives on in the new 'Inspired by Goodwood' edition Mini. Designed by Rolls-Royce (in part, at least) and limited to just 1,000 units, it features RR's own exclusive woods and leathers, luxuriously frivolous touches such as cashmere headlining and lambswool carpet, and power courtesy of the Cooper S. The cost of all this compactly-packaged luxury? Fifty grand to you, sir...

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