Monday, 21 March 2011

Porsche 356 Carrera 2

The history of the Porsche 356 is thorny and convoluted to the outsider, from the purist's 'Pre-A' to the everyday motorist's 356C roadster and every variant in between. But here's as good a place to start as any: the Carrera 2. Being basically a race car for the road, it was powered by a Carrera-specific four-cam engine, which in itself has become a huge rarity. (Current Carrera 2 owners tend to keep the £100k+ engine on the workshop bench and save it for competition, using a lesser 356 unit for day-to-day use.) The example we see in these pictures is a 1964 356C Carrera 2, differing from the 356B version largely in its improved braking system. It would do 0-60mph in 9 seconds - not bad for the mid-sixties - as well as being available with a limited slip differential and larger competition fuel tank. But most importantly, its menacing demeanour really sets it apart from its cute roadster stablemates. It's a good thing that it has a peachy behind, as that's all your rivals are likely to see...

Photos via ShinySide

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