Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ford Sierra 2.3 Ghia

Memories of the Sierra tend to focus on the fire-snorting RS Cosworth, all outrageous body addenda and whooshing wastegates. But the Sierra range was broad, encompassing utilitarian base-model family runarounds to luxurious middle-management affairs, such as the 2.3 Ghia. With its creamy-smooth V6 engine (mated to an autobox for optimum motorway wafting), spongey seats and excitingly futuristic selection of dash lights, it was a curvaceous harbinger of things to come in an age of set-square design. Once ubiquitous, they're a pretty rare sight on the roads today; good news, then, that Ford's Heritage fleet exists to keep such cars as mementos of times past.

You can read more about this particular Sierra (as well as various other members of the Heritage fleet) here.

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