Tuesday, 22 March 2011

BMW MotoGP Pace Car

The 1-series makes for a hideous little hatchback, but rather a handsome coupe. Stuff in various oily bits from the M divison and you've got quite a compelling package too... little wonder the MotoGP series have adopted the 1-series M Coupe as this year's pace car.

OK, it's not exactly the same as the M Coupe you'd find in the showroom. It shares the 334bhp twin-turbo three-litre straight-six, but also employs extensive carbon-fibre panels as well as polycarbonate windows. An Akrapovic titanium exhaust provides useful advertising for the firm (who are better known for making bike exhausts), while fully-adjustable KW suspension keeps the thing planted. The visual drama carries through to the interior, where the driver and passenger are treated to a full rollcage, bespoke Recaros and six-point harnesses.

If BMW have any sense, they'll be offering an M Coupe Evo in exactly this spec in due course.

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