Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Noble M600

Noble have come a long way from being associated with capable but slightly rattly kit car lookalikes with Mondeo lights and, er, Mondeo engines. The freshly announced M600 is a genuine contender in the sports car marketplace, featuring a full carbon-fibre body and a mid-mounted 4.4-litre V8. Build quality has improved exponentially, rivalling anything you'd find in Germany or Italy... but the M600 is British through-and-through. This no longer means loose trim, iffy wiring and Morris Marina door handles. Today, it means 650bhp in a lightweight chassis, with a total kerbweight comfortably under 1200kg. Performance is, of course, epic: 0-60mph in sub-3 seconds, and a ludicrous top speed of 225mph.
But Noble haven't neglected the driver's immediate surroundings; to sell a modern sports GT you need a quality interior as well as ballistic thrust, which the M600 has in spades - Wilton carpets, bespoke switchgear (nothing from the Ford parts bin here), leather & Alcantara seats and a Becker stereo.

Official prices are yet to be announced, but the figure on the grapevine is around £200,000. That's a lot of wedge, but you get a lot of car for it. And you'll have so much fun embarrassing much pricier Veyrons in a car that most people won't be able to name...
Click here for the M600 brochure.

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