Wednesday, 9 February 2011

'Lost Birds' Skyline GT-R

This thread tells the story of a Skyline Owners Club member who moved to Japan and planned to build his dream Skyline. Having looked around, he found one in what seemed to be the ideal spec, so he bought it. Here it is:

One problem: he didn't like silver. He was planning a Time Attack paint job for the project, so one night he let his girlfriend doodle over a scratch in the bumper, on the basis that it was going to be repainted anyway...

...but as the night wore on she got more and more carried away, until the whole bumper was done.

Well, you can guess the rest. They decided that the doodling looked awesome, and that the only logical progression would be to hand-decorate the whole of the rest of the car.

Looks pretty spectacular, doesn't it? He'll be pissed off if he crashes it...

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Kamikazie-stylez said...

Damnit, Collen, I was Googling for some stuff and your car showed up! What happened to the pics Darin took?