Monday, 14 February 2011

Inside DeLorean

The DeLorean Motor Company, you may be surprised to learn, is still alive and kicking. Well, not in its ill-fated original guise, obviously, but refreshed as a North American concern.
In 1995, Texan enthusiast Stephen Wynne bought up the remaining inventory, as well as rights to the name, logo and DMC-12 designs. While not being associated with the original company, they support owners of originals and even build new DMC-12s.
Today, the DeLorean Motor Company operates out of Piney Woods, Houston... and here's a glimpse behind their shiny aluminium doors:

TME Delorean from Shedrick Mask on Vimeo.

Always fancied one of your own? You can configure a new model here. And yes, they do go faster than 88mph.

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