Tuesday, 1 February 2011


BMW's M division was established in 1972, which is the same year that this jaffa-hued 2002 was built. Of course, in the early days, BMW Motorsport GmbH was a racing concern rather than tuning road cars - they didn't turn their hands to that until 1978's M1 (or, if we're talking mainstream, 1979's M535i). But if they had built an M-Tech 2002, this is pretty much what it would have looked like.

Power comes from a four-cylinder Schnitzer S14 engine with a gloriously shiny carbon-fibre Gruppe M airbox; furthermore, it's the 2.5-litre Sport Evo version, used to homologate the M3 as a racer. So it's a bit special. Everything else you'd expect has been beefed up to suit, creating a beautifully executed 1972 BMW M2. Click here to learn more.

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