Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Retro Rides Awards 2011 - Ace Café

The annual Retro Rides Awards Night took place at the Ace Café on January 11th, with a vast array of eclectic metal in attendance. Piggybacking the monthly gathering of classics (hence the presence of a series two E-Type and a Jensen Interceptor), the forum members arrived in such varied cars as a Subaru Brat with Impreza turbo power, a Nissan-powered mkII Cortina, an MX-5-powered Triumph Herald and a couple of pristine E21 BMWs, among many others. The guys from Retro Cars magazine turned up in impressive style in a '64 Mustang and a Porsche 928.

SuckSqueezeBangBlow managed to come a wishy-washy fourth place in the 'best blog' category, but hey, there were cool cars and beer, so that can be taken as a win...

Full award results can be found here.

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