Thursday, 16 December 2010

Stanced Supra IV

I've always been a big fan of the mkIV Toyota Supra, it's such a beautiful shape. Timeless too - can you believe it was launched seventeen years ago? It still looks so fresh, with those fairground tail-lights, obscene hoop spoiler and slightly dopey face.

This one, courtesy of Stanceworks, isn't stanced like their usual fare. Instead, we find choice mods around the rolling stock and interior (as well as underbonnet tweaks to release 400bhp from the twin-turbo unit), giving a clean, simple look. Very cool.


PhantasmHung said...

Very nicely setup, what is the specs of this fitment of your wheels? Was the fenders cut and/or rolled to clear these wheels? Thanks and hope to see more of your car.

juice said...

No idea, I'm afraid - there's a link up there ^^ to where I found the car on Stanceworks. ;)

Tim Otis said...

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