Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sharkmouth MX-5

Here's a happy lesson in how to have fun in an MX-5 on the cheap.
First, obviously, you need to buy one. Then you need to take it out to make sure it works.

OK, that all seems to be in order. Next, strip out all of the bulky carpets and sound deadening and stuff, making it lighter and thus faster.

...but you don't want to be forever catching your elbow on those pointy door internals, so lash up a set of perspex doorcards.

Now it's time to crack out the mig and carry out a bit of stitch/plug/seam welding, giving the shell a bit of extra rigidity.

How about some jazzy wing cut-outs, JDM-style? Well, why not eh?

Print yourself some WWII bomber-inspired sharkmouth graphics.

Now go out and have fun!

You can follow the Mazda's progress here.

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