Monday, 13 December 2010

Lotus vs. Lotus: F1 2011

Remember how exciting it was when we learned that Lotus would be re-entering Formula One in 2010? Well, it's about to get a whole lot more interesting in 2011...

Group Lotus have signed a deal with Renault to run as 'Lotus Renault GP' next year. They'll be using Renault engines, 'Lotus pedigree' and, rather wonderfully, the classic black-and-gold livery you can see in the photo (although, for obvious reasons, no-one's calling this the JPS livery).

However, Lotus Racing - the Malaysian concern we saw being underwhelming but plucky throughout 2010 - have bought the rights to the historic 'Team Lotus' name and will be rebranded as such next season. They'll also be using Renault engines.

Confused? You might be when you see Lotus Renault GP and Team Lotus-Renault side-by-side on the grid...

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