Tuesday, 21 December 2010

BMW 1-series M Coupe

This official video from BMW shows the new 1-series M Coupe (which looks infinitely better with a boot on the back than as a dumpy hatchback) alongside the timeless E30 M3 Sport Evo.

They're in totally different leagues, of course - the M3 Sport Evo is a purist's dream, with its zingy four-cylinder engine and stripped-back race-car-for-the-road nature, while the 1-series M Coupe - which they can't call M1, as they've used that before for something rather different - represents the zenith of 21st-century BMW tech; for those that want an M3 but feel the current model has ballooned into something beyond a cheeky two-door three-box, the not-an-M1 is here to fill in the gaps. It looks like a pretty entertaining steer too.
(If you want to dive straight into the action, fast-forward to 5m27s.)

Is it just me, or do they look like the rims from the E46 M3 CSL...?

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