Monday, 20 December 2010

Ariel Atom Mugen

Here's an interesting piece of cross-pollination. The Ariel Atom, an extreme, low-volume, uncompromising road/track car meets the meticulous engineering prowess of Mugen to create something really quite special: the Atom Mugen. The engine - from the Honda Civic Type-R, of course - receives Mugen tweaks to take it up to 270bhp (more than the Mugen Civic, interestingly), giving the Atom a Veyron-beating power-to-weight ratio of 549bhp/ton. 0-60mph will take just 3.2 seconds, which will be an interesting sensation in a car that's basically made of scaffolding.

They're only going to make ten of them, so you'll need to scurry down to Autosport 2011 for the official launch and get your order in sharpish.

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