Wednesday, 3 November 2010

SR20 AE86

It's been said many times before on SuckSqueezeBangBlow: the AE86 Corolla is the Japanese mkII Escort. It's simple, lightweight, rear wheel drive and almost supernaturally well-suited to various diverse forms of motorsport.
And like the Escort, the idea of a cross-pollinated AE86 engine transplant is one that polarises opinion; if you were to install a Vauxhall XE in an Escort, you could expect a backlash from the purists as well as backslapping from the modifiers. Similarly, this AE86's Nissan SR20 powerplant can only divide Toyota fans.

Love or hate the concept, you can't deny the efficacy of 270bhp at the rear wheels of something that weighs a positively anorexic 900kg. The hefty slug of power passes through the diff from a Toyota Hilux (well, you shouldn't be able to break one of those), while reigning the power in and retarding the bounce are handled by Wilwood brakes and GReddy coilovers. All in all, a pretty unbeatable package, I'd say.