Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pirelli return to F1

Bridgestone have been the sole supplier of tyres to the Formula One championship since 2007. Prior to that they used to fight it out with Michelin, with drivers' on-screen stats featuring a little 'B' or 'M' to denote who was running what. But after nineteen years out of the sport, Pirelli will be returning as F1's official tyre company for the 2011 season; it will be a welcome return - after all, Nino Farina won the very first Grand Prix on Pirelli rubber back in 1950. Given that, with the absence of refuelling, races are often won and lost on tyre strategy, they will be under massive pressure to deliver quality product... after all, the last thing you want is Fernando Alonso shaking his fist at you as his super-softs delaminate.

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