Friday, 4 October 2013

Iso Grifo

The Iso Grifo is the project Giotto Bizzarrini moved on to after the Ferrari 250 GTO. The relationship between Bizzarrini and Renzo Rivolta was a serpentine and tempestuous one, but the essence of the Grifo is this: tracing its roots back to 1963, it was a high-end bespoke grand tourer with a Corvette engine. Originally powered by a 300bhp 327ci (5.4-litre) unit, it was replaced in 1968 with the 427ci (7.0-litre) engine, offering 435bhp and propelling it into supercar territory. Elegant, simple, refined yet muscular, the Grifo is hugely sought after today, largely thanks to its scarcity: just 400 were built (322 series I, 78 series II with the hideaway headlights), of which just 90 were 7 Litri models.

This pristine series I was flexing its concours muscles at Salon Privé 2013 - click here for more photos.


Mike Clarke said...

The 427 was offered along with the 327 it didn't replace it later the 350 and Ford 351C were offered too. Total build number was 413. Bizzarrini left ferrari and then worked at Lamborghini developing their V12. The Iso Rivolta company hired Bizzarrini as a consultant to help with the Rivolta GT and later Grifo.

juice said...

Aha, your knowledge is far better than mine!