Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Teenage Dirtbag

Another happy tale from Mystery Machine and Area 52 here - we follow progress as our protagonist attempts to position a tired and forlorn Mazda somewhere between badass street custom and naughty road racer, for as little money as possible.
The build thread contains the three elements that all such threads should have: engaging commentary, superb photography and regular updates.

We begin with a slightly knackered MX-5, which someone has marked for repair and never got around to working on.

The spanners come out to change the ride height from stratospheric to road-hoover, aided by a good deal on a set of coilovers. Here's the before and after:

Mates are drafted in to beef up the exhaust and fix the rusty sills.

Roll bar fitted. Well, it's more solid than your head is.

A little outing on track, just to make sure the Dirtbag's fun to drive on the limit. The answer is yes, yes it is.

...and, pleased with its achievements, it mooches around Bristol looking hard.

Mystery Machine has big plans for the plucky little Mazda. Big, secret plans. And the sum total of the build so far is just £813 - an inspiration to all us paupers.
Click here to keep up to date with the Dirtbag's progress - exciting developments are on the horizon...

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