Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kanye's Tatra

Unfortunately for mankind in general, Kanye West continues to be allowed to annoy us with a relentless stream of pretentious rubbish. You may be aware that he recently debuted a short film on MTV entitled 'Runaway'. If you're so inclined, you can view it here - although there's no reason that you should, it's vapid and tremendously irritating.

So why bring it up? Well, the car he drives in the film has caused much discussion. The badge on the rear reads 'Tatra V8i'. Hang on... Tatra? The old Czech company that used to make rear-engined saloons with air-cooled V8s back in the sixties? Yes indeed, the very same. Kind of.
MTX has long been a builder of obscure performance cars in the Czech Republic (since 1969, in fact), and the car we see before us here is an MTX Tatra V8. So, a collaboration between a now-defunct manufacturer and one that's so small, nobody's heard of it - Kanye's car must be pretty rare, right?
Correct. They only ever built four of them.

If your language skills are up to it, you can learn more about MTX (and see some really weird photos) here.

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Anonymous said...

first off i see why ppl dont visit your shit second all the bullshit music out there and you wanna point the finger at kanye i mean have you heard drake, nikki, or lil wayne. kanyes got more talent in his pinky then they have put together. 3rd that is a pretty sick car i mean damn the history behind it the style and and its one of 4 the mans got good taste.